Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some beautiful reviews for Thorns

Thorns received some beautiful reviews that I couldn't help but boast about *cough* share 

Reviewer Amos Lassen called Thorns "an excellent read"

He said: "I really liked really reading about the two different relationships here—one that has just begun and the other that has continued, through thick and thin, for twenty years. Add to this a mystery and you get a terrific read that keeps you turning pages."

Read the full review here

Reviewer booksmitten from Live your life, buy the book  gave Thorns 4 1/2 stars and said:

"I loved this book. With a well crafted plot, fluid writing and descriptions that made you feel like you were there it was the perfect balance of mystery, intrigue and sex, along with two love stories – one established and one just beginning."

Read the full review here 

And just now (and what nice news to come home to!) Jessewave from Reviews by Jessewave rated Thorns 4.75 stars. You can find the full review here

That's what she said:

"I highly recommend this book and I think you will enjoy it because of the depth of all characters, the unusual plot, the genuine French atmosphere which permeated La Thillaye, and the wonderful writing..."

Thank you all for taking the time to put your thoughts into words!