Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why do women read and write about gay men?

Yes, why, anyway?
I think if you asked every female reader of gay fiction, the answers would fill volumes. I can only speak for myself.
First and foremost, I like men. Well, women too, but still... I go by one man is good, two men are better. Go  figure. That's why gay sex scenes are better. Twice the cock, twice the fun, isn't it? Well, maybe there's an element of voyeurism to that, and the thrill of reading (or watching - there IS gay porn on the 'net, didn't you know?) something which the average woman isn't likely to ever come across in real life.
Men aren't women. The dynamics between two men are different from what there is between a man and a woman, and very different from what is between two women. Since I'm no man, I'm fascinated with watching two men, particularly two men who fall in love for each other, which is what I haven't expected personally and thus need to learn from description.
The world of gay literature isn't only m/m romance, there's a lot of gay fiction and also non-fiction out there. Romance, well show me a woman who doesn't like romance, whatever kind she prefers.For that matter, show me a MAN who doesn't want, deep inside, hidden even beneath his deepest layers of cool and successful and don't give a shit, to find the one person who loves him and who he can love. And that's what Romance is about, isn't it?

Anyway. Jay has something to say to the topic of women getting their kicks out of watching gay men getting it on.

Jay speaks:

There was this gay bar in Heidelberg, not far from Karlstorbahnhof. Whisky-a Gogo
It was really famous back in the day,with people coming as far as from Frankfurt just to see Claudia, the owner, dancing in his paper dress. There were always some women in there, either lesbians who hadn't their own place yet back then, or straight women, who were looking for a place where they could have a quiet drink with no-one there to hit on them. Well, some of them were there for the eye-candy, too, I guess, just like me. I didn't begrudge them their pleasure
Klaudia, Klaus actually, didn't care for women overly much, though. Why, I don't know, maybe it was just that he didn't have any use for them. He was a pretty enough boy, a beauty actually, and maybe he was afraid of going into a contest or whatever. Anyway, one night, or  rather one early morning we were still having a good time, just us guys, no women present, and to my knowledge, no straight guys either. There was some action going on in the booths and bathrooms and we were all pretty shit-faced when the doorbell rang. The Whisky was a club, after all. Klaudia went to answer the door in his paper dress which was almost not there anymore from being so soaked. Just then the music paused, and we all heard two female giggles, and Klaudia's voice (he had a high, always slightly whiny voice and that particular kind of effete slur to it). "What do you want here? We aren't some fish tank!" Well, the music boomed again then, and I couldn't hear what the women said, but when Klaudi came back down the stairs, his dress was entirely gone, and he was only wearing his mean smile. I guess those women had had their eyeful, after all, for we sure as hell had, and just as sure, Klaudi went right to the back. Thinking of it, went is wrong, he was dragged, rather, by Max, his current boyfriend. Whatever they did there, they weren't seen anymore that day.

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