Friday, October 15, 2010

Review: Persistence Pays by Mara Ismine

Librarian and martial arts enthusiast Asa Hartvigsen is less than thrilled when Tan Gordon shows up on his doorstep one rainy night soaking wet and looking for a place to get dry and spend the night. Although Tan is hot as hell, Asa kept trying to hold him at arm's lenght because Tan has a reputation and Asa isn't inclined to become one of Tan's tricks. But, as Asa puts it, Tan is like a stray cat: show them one moment of friendliness and you never get rid of them again. So Tan kept coming back stubbornly for five years, kind of pushing into Asa's life, obviously determined to stay there. The night and the following morning could have been one of their usual dances around the subject if, yes if not Asa's parents had decided to drop by in the morning. Asa's mother who threw herself to the task of having a gay son with body and soul, immediately takes a liking in Tan, and their little scheme changes things for Asa once and for all.

This was a really nice little story, full of humor and sweetness. Some lines had me laughing out loud, and the character of Asa's mother was one of the best supporting characters I've ever come across. Asa made me want to smack him over the head sometimes with his stubborn determination to save himself from getting hurt and his gruffy refusal to take the good offering that was right in front of his nose - a feeling I obviously shared with Asa's mom. Tan was sunny, open and fetching and totally likeable. It was heartwarming to watch Tan going to such lengths in order to win the heart of a hedgehog-like bristling loner like Asa. I was happy to see them coming to terms with each other.
A fine, nicely done, entertaining short read. Recommended for everyone who wants to escape reality for a while and have a really good time.

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