Saturday, September 3, 2011

City Falcon Release Day Trivia Quiz - Answers and Winners

To anyone who took the quiz during my Release Party for City Falcon at the Dreamspinner blog -
Thank you all who joined the party and helped to make this day special!

Here are the answers:

1. A word meaning “deceived” that comes from a common pratice to calm falcons: a) beguiled, b) hoodwinked, c) bamboozled, d) double-crossed
2. A word meaning “to entice”  that comes from a training practice for falcons (one word) (to) lure
3. A phrase that mean “finished with due to frustration”, originally applied to a falcon who had just eaten and didn’t feel like hunting (two words) fed up
4. A word for “alcoholic beverage” that was originally used to describe a falcon’s way of drinking: a) hooch, b)booze, c) toddy, d) tipple
5. An expression for “overeat” that comes from watching falcons eat their prey: a) stuff, b) binge, c) gorge, d) cram
6. Which Toyota model was named after a male falcon? a) Prius, b) Tercel, c) Camry, d)Yaris
7. What do Arabic falcon lovers appreciate most in their falcons? What do they pay the highest prizes for? a) sound health b) amazing hunting skills c) flawless pedigree d) white feathering

Nobody got everything right, but some got very, very close; thus we have our WINNERS!


email is on its way to you. Thanks for playing everyone!

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